Using our website...

Using is simple. Follow some of the common steps below:


Did you know: Whilst using the site, help icons will be shown to better assist you with the site.

Selling A Vehicle / Part

To sell a vehicles and/or parts, you simply need some basic details, photos etc... Then you can click here and begin the selling process.


This takes about 10-15 minutes, we recommend you get as much detail into the listing as possible!

Becoming a Member

To become a member, simply fill in the form, verify your accont and you're away! Click here and begin the registration process.

This takes about 3 minutes!

Bidding on Listings

To bid on a listing, enter a price into the bid box, by default it has the next minimum bid price. After you have entered your price click 'Place Bid'. You then will be asked to confirm your bid, do so if you agree with the attached information & terms. Then you have placed a bid! The listing will be in your Watchlist & it will tell if you are leading still or have won the listing! Good luck.

Credit Your Account

If you wish to top-up your account, click the 'My Account' tab from the top menu & sign in. After doing so, click 'Credit Account' link located in the 'Account Summary' area. Then select your payment amount, like $5.00 up to $100.00. After doing so you will be taken to a secure payment facility. Enter your credit card details then submit the form, after this your account will be instantly credited.


This takes about 3 minutes!