Your privacy is important to us, we respect your private data and securely store it on our databases.

We will...

-Use your information for market research & analysis.
-Track your movements, searches and activity on the site.
-Use the collected data for private use, non-commercial use.
-Show your contact details (phone,email,mobile,region) to auction winners.
-Show your username, auctions, first name, feedback and other non-exposing data to public browsers.
-Show your previous purchases (in your feedback) to public viewers.
-Ask permission to distribute or supply private information to persons / businesses requesting it.

We will not:

-Sell, distribute any data that we collect during your usage of our site.
-Modify any data you supply us that is accurate and correct.
-Publically display any addresses, contact details to public viewers & members.
-Show your browsing history off our website to public viewers.
-Keep data longer than it is required.
-Use your data for anything not relating to the business operations.