About Insurance

Insurance is must when it comes to owning a car, not only does it protect you financially if you crash. But also the person who you may crash into.
There are 3 main policies:

3rd Party -
Your car is not covered if you cause a crash, however whoever you crash into will be covered meaning if you hit a Mercedes, it won't cost you anything to fix. (Excesses may apply)

3rd Party Fire & Theft - This incorporates the same practice as 3rd Party yet you have the added protection of:
If a fire destroys your car, you will be able to claim it's value back.
If you car is stolen, you will be able to claim it's value back.
More Expensive

Comprehensive -  This is the best policy allowing you and others to be fully covered in a crash. If you car is written-off, then they will pay you the amount your insured it for.
Most Expensive